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Discover what your social media posts reveal about your personality.
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What you say on social media speaks volumes about your personality*. Our detailed report reveals your traits and how you're coming across.

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See what your posts reveal about your personality and how you're changing.

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* Wu Youyou, Michal Kosinski, and David Stillwell.
Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans.
PNAS January 27, 2015 112 (4) 1036-1040.
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Have the confidence of knowing your strengths and how you're coming across online.

  • Your Big Five personality traits & facets
  • Your personality matches (see who is like you)
  • Your values
  • Your motivating needs
  • Your preference predictions
  • Descriptors based on trait combinations
  • Most used words (word cloud graphic)
  • Grade level / readability report
  • Your posting timeline
  • Your daily and weekly behavior
  • Pronoun usage (I/me/my index & gender bias)

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Corporations have long known that your personality can be inferred from your public social media content.

D. Quercia, M. Kosinski, D. Stillwell and J. Crowcroft
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Wu Youyou, Michal Kosinski, and David Stillwell.
PNAS January 27, 2015 112 (4) 1036-1040.
Golbeck, Jennifer, Cristina Robles, Michon Edmondson, and Karen Turner.
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Social Computing (2011).
Frequently asked questions
Will this work for me?

Most content written by a single person can yield accurate results regardless of the topic. Your report is likely to accurately reflect your personality if:

  • You write your content and choose your own words
  • You are not primarily publishing scientific content
  • Your account is not professionally managed
  • You write in English

The following types of content can increase measurement error:

  • Non-English content (English is the only supported language currently)
  • Scientific or technical content
  • Content from multiple authors (reposts are excluded for this reason)
  • Content that lacks authenticity (professionally-managed accounts; heavy sarcasm or irony)
  • Significantly more mispellings than average
How accurate are the results?

We use cutting-edge machine learning models based on years of research. Our report can give you valuable insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and behavior.

However, one report cannot tell you everything about your personality. View your report as a starting point to deepening your self-knowledge.

  • The open-vocabulary approach used for inferring personality from social media content is well established and produces statistically significant results. This approach can predict aspects of personality more accurately than friends and even ourselves (see above).
  • Your reports are generated using cutting-edge machine-learning models trained on thousands of social media users.
  • Accuracy depends somewhat on how much content is analyzed. See our plans for more info.
What will I learn if I've already taken a personality test?

Most personality tests (online and off) are survey-based: they calculate your score based on self-reported answers to questions. Those tests are valuable, but not without problems: we can deceive ourselves when answering questions, and studies have shown we're bad at assessing our own abilities8.

This automated test will provide you with an additional data point. It also includes much more than a standard Big Five personality traits assessment.

We urge you to take multiple tests of different types.

Is this a Myers-Briggs test?

No. The Big Five Model is used here. It is the gold standard model for describing individual personality differences and how people engage with the world.

Is this Cambridge Analytica 2.0?

Your behavior on social media telegraphs your personality. With the right knowledge, anyone can infer your character traits from your public posts. Corporations and governments have long known this, and already know (or can readily learn) what drives you.

We provide access to the same technology as a tool for gaining self-awareness and to help others lead better lives.

We store your results securely and don't divulge them to anyone. See our privacy policy.

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